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13 Sep 2014

The web-development department of Keplar Agency is growing rapidly over the next 12 months and therefore we are searching for new developers to join our team. Are you a software developer that is always curious and on the fore-front of new technologies, dedicated to learn and improve, a team player who thinks in solutions and is familiar with Ruby on Rails? We’d love you to team up on challenging short and long term projects for clients as well as company owned digital endeavors. We are a growing company that will keep the start-up vibe running. A young team in a great spot with all the tools and ambition to disrupt the norm. Apply now send an email to

If you are a Ruby (-on Rails) Developer or used to be one and want to get back in the saddle, this role would be well suited for you. As an ambitious developer this is a great chance to work on the cutting (sometimes bleeding) edge of technology. You always try to incorporate new technologies in your work and be creative to solve the most challenging technical questions delivering some unique software to our national and international clients.

We are looking for a Developer who has a drive and passion for technology. Outside your job you are interested in anything that’s plugged-in. Maybe you made some nice contributions to the Open Source community. While coding you stick to conventions and have a clean style. Performance and optimization of your software is a self-evident part of your workflow. You have experience with test-suites and benchmarking of your code. After building your software according to spec you know how to bootstrap a (cloud-) server and deploy your code effectively.

A minimum of 3–5 years of experience in a professional environment working with Ruby (-on Rails). Apart from Ruby, you have extensive knowledge about HTML, CSS, JavaScript as well as common database solutions. You know how to build a RESTful API and have some defendable ideas about how to set up your MVC-projects. If your JavaScript skills also stretch as wide as knowledge about AngularJS or other JavaScript-based frameworks, that would be a big plus. You demonstrate a broad skill set with the desire to stay up-to-date and learn new technologies while keeping an eye on the Open Source community. You have a proven track-record working on project teams and working with deadlines. Some of the technologies we work with, that we hope you are interested in: AngularJS, Capistrano, Chef, CoffeeScript, Git, Haml, Middleman, MongoDB, MySQL, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, RSpec and Sass.

- Ruby (-on Rails) Developer

- Drive & Passion For Technology

  • Minimum Of 3-5 Years Experience

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