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We aim at promoting all the aspects of the Ruby programming language and at fostering a vivid Ruby community in the Amsterdam region. Ruby on Rails/Backend Developer (full-time)

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28 Aug 2018

For the past few years we at have been building and selling what we believe to be the best PR tool in the world, one that reflects our values of transparency, authenticity, and empathy in communication. Now we want to take it to the next level, and for that we want you. You will help us take the product to the next level by improving our product experience, expanding our feature set, professionalizing our infrastructure, and you’ll also work on optimizing and automating business processes.

Your input and experience with regards to anything are just as valuable as anyone else. We’re a very close-knit and dedicated team that always decides together what our next steps will be. The team is an environment where you can learn a lot from us, and where we can learn a lot from you.

The platform was born and grew up as a monolith, however in the past year or two we’ve been slowly decomposing it into smaller microservices hidden behind an API gateway, the monolith is still pretty hefty though. The rest of our tech stack includes Vue.js, React, Django (for the machine learning side of the product), MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, and ElasticSearch. All hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using various distributed applications, internal and external APIs and a couple of microservices to abstract aways certain functionalities.


As a Ruby on Rails developer, this is what you’ll be doing: together with the team, plan our roadmap and estimate projects. Scope-out and build new features or product improvements. Testing, maintaining, and scaling the platform. Troubleshooting live issues or providing technical support to customers. You’ll also be involved in the occasional fun marketing challenge, like our OnBrand Gameshow.


Experience with React.js or Vue.js. The complex parts of our frontend are built in Vue and our text editor is built in React.


We will provide you with a competitive salary, a friendly company culture, who love to build a high quality product that provides oodles of value to our customers, an environment that challenges and supports you to get the most out of your potential, as well as all of the usual startup accoutrements, in an unusually family friendly office in the TQ coworking space, in the center of Amsterdam.

Check out the full job description here.

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