Next Meet-Up

Drinks & Laughs

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 - 19:00

De Bierfabriek, Rokin 75

Delayed by one week, but it is happening nonetheless: Drinks & Laughs.

Join us on Tue May 26 in De Bierfabriek for a casual (Ruby-) conversation along with a local beer. We're expecting you from 7pm.

This Meetup still needs a sponsor! Does your company want to help out fostering our precious Ruby community? Do you want to get your name out in NL's biggest Ruby community? All it takes is buying us some beer. Get in touch with Wouter.

June Meetup

This June we have a special guest lined up for you. Dave Thomas is coming over to talk to us about Elixir and polyglotism. If you're as pleased with this as we are then sign up now to secure your spot on June 16.

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