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Drinks & Laughs

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - 19:00

De Bierfabriek, Rokin 75

Drinks, Ruby conversations, and laughs. The former will be provided by Questionmark. As for the others: we're counting on you! The venue is a familiair one: De Bierfabriek. See you there on Tuesday Aug 18 at 7pm.

About the sponsor

Questionmark researches all the stuff in your supermarket. How environmentally friendly is your daily breakfast? How socially responsible is your favorite chocolate brand? Which products are animal friendly? Questionmark helps you answer those questions and helps production chains become more sustainable by means of creating more transparency. If you're a front- or backend developer who's into data processing, API design, mobile apps, Ruby or React, and you'd like to use your skills for a good cause: they are hiring.

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